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Graham C. Jones is an unusual and exciting author. His work befits the best fiction genre and he makes no compromise when it comes to intrigue, suspicion and dilemma, running his characters ragged through the most unexpected twists, turns and bumps in their rocky road of adventure.

A highly creative writer, Graham’s work will stretch both your mind and your imagination, taking you to the very places that you would expect from popular fiction.

To read his work is read the author’ mind and his fascination with the unusual, the unexpected and the most compelling outcomes that will make you want to know more as you turn the final pages of these wonderful books.

Fiction, fantasy, adventure and stories that you won’t want to end…

Graham C. Jones

Runes of Wiccan Rede The Shadowed Tricorn Robbery4All

“ Well worth reading, I absolutely promise you. The Shadow Tricorn will have you spinning in circles because he goes places you don’t expect him to go…”

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