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Elderly man, George Smith, knew what he was bored. With nothing better to do than unintentionally annoy his son and daughter in law, he sought solace in his local, several times a week.

The group of six regular pensioners, who gathered together with George on those days, were in the same low mood. Until, that is, an idea struck them. Allotments!

Recalling their previous experiences, it all sounded oh so enjoyable. But that was many years before and they had all changed a great deal since then.

There had been no such thing as allotments in the area for fifteen years and the Council had no plans to alter that.

But, with help and support from his friends and son, George set about confronting the authorities.

Are they up to the challenge? And was it going to be as simple as they thought?

The fifth book from Graham C Jones follows these oldies as they fight for the right to have a recreational garden.

Fiction, fantasy, adventure and stories that you won’t want to end…



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