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Ever wondered what went on in those groups, most people complained about?

What it was like to be part of those groups? The ones, with rips in their jeans and sleeveless denim over black leather. The ones, that had the aroma of smeared oil and spilled beer. The ones, mothers advised their daughters to stay away from. The ones, who shattered peace and quiet with barking engines. Yes Bikers.

This laugh out loud belly rocking romp across the mid / late seventies, gives an insight into those wild hazy days through the eyes of one who was there, Garry Jones.  

This is a personal account of recklessness in an alcohol fueled journey of one man, whose attempt of stumbling through teenage years, took him on an unusual yet, at times hysterical path. This path would affect and assist shape the rest of his future.

Buckingham and all other place names mentioned were real. Although this is a semi- autobiographical novel, some events and situations may, or may not be real. Those which may be real, may or may not have involved those mentioned. However, it is a true representation of the kind of life that was led. And of course, names have been changed to protect the stupid.

Fiction, fantasy, adventure and stories that you won’t want to end…


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