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Engulfing the road with its almost physical thickness, the fog that he found himself driving through that night, was hiding more than just the surrounding scenic views. Trying desperately to navigate himself and his beloved car through the dense smokey grey cloak that surrounded him, Spike found himself face to face with a colourful 16th Century coach, pulled by two beautiful brown horses. His life was about to change forever, as destiny edged Steven 'Spike' Baraclough to the edge of a face-to-face encounter with a shift in consciousness. It was a shift that would plunge him into a most unusual adventure through time and space itself, back over 300 years and into the path of none other than the notorious highwayman Dick Turpin.

Fiction, fantasy, adventure and stories that you won’t want to end…


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“ Well worth reading, I absolutely promise you. The Shadow Tricorn will have you spinning in circles because he goes places you don’t expect him to go…”

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