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Young love. Sweet, soft, embracing, happy and exciting. That is how Sam Harris and Emma Elliot felt at the outset of their romance. A young couple who had everything going for them. However, their journey was to be complicated and fraught with danger.

Eric Elliot, Emma’s uncle and guardian, was a casino owner. He was also a gangster, crook and an evil nasty man who would stop at nothing to get his own way.Sam had worked at the gambling club as a barman, until he and Emma ran away together.

Unfortunately, that same night, a huge sum of money was stolen from the safe. Assuming Sam had kidnapped his niece and taken the cash, a massive manhunt was launched.

Where could the lovers go to be safe? Could they ever be free from this psychotic pursuer?

Fiction, fantasy, adventure and stories that you won’t want to end…


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